Chaos Communication Camp 2015

Only a few more days and the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 opens its gates.
The c-base crew is diligently working on bringing equipment as an extension to the space station below Berlin to Zehdenick.
C-base turns 20 during Camp! Expect awesome celebrations!

I'm looking forward to a week with ~4500 hackers/ nerds/ musicians/ friends and old acquaintances.
There will be plenty of talks, workshops, hacking and hopefully time for some music making, swimming and all those other free time luxuries.
I'll bring my modular suitcase for some jams in the audio village and possibly even finish up on my Paper VCO (by Wolfgang Spahn and Antti Pussinen) or turn my Arduino Esplora into a low-fi waveshaper.
Who knows... I'm going camping.

Hardware section

Again, it took me some time to write something of value here. But hey, it's quality over quantity, right?
I've just expanded the spectrum of this website (after doing some major visual overhauls and simultaneously dropping Markdown in favor of reStructuredText) by a hardware section.
The first page I've added is something I have been working on over the past two months: My modular suitcase (a suitcase for Eurorack modules). Go check it out, copy/ modify the source files and build one yourself (if you dare!).
More devices will follow as soon as I have the time to write about them (or the desire to document them).

Linux Audio Conference 2015

It's been quite some time since my last post.
But I have not been lazy!

I will be attending this year's Linux Audio Conference) in Mainz. Not only as a guest (I seriously hope I will have the time to just snoop around), but mainly for setting up the 8 channel version of "The Sound Of People" and to give a workshop on "Arch Linux as a lightweight audio platform".
You can find my information for the event here.

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SSH tunnel with single hop, using systemd-networkd and autossh

Recently I had the pleasure of setting up a SSH tunnel between two virtual machines that share no route and are located in two different subnets.
They can however reach each other via SSH, hopping their host.
Let's assume the following setup:
  • client1 (Arch Linux) has

  • client2 (Arch Linux) has

  • host (Debian) is to client1 and to client2

As I needed the two clients to be able to send mail to each other and reach each others' services, I did some digging and opted for a SSH connection using TUN devices (aka. "poor man's VPN").
The following is needed to set this up:
  • root access on both virtual machines (client1 & client2)

  • a user account on the host system

  • SSH (OpenSSH assumed) installed on all three machines

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