Mêlon Kallisti


"Apple Kallisti, Now!" - the very name implies what this album is all about:
Applekallistic soundscapes devoted to the goddess of strife and discord. Without a record deal, it took Mêlon Kallisti almost four years of this strife and discord to put their revelations of doom and gloom down on cd, doing almost everything by themselves, even the special C64-Floppy-case.
Evolved from the hibernation of a folkloristic Black Metal-experiment in 2006, Mêlon Kallisti (under the former moniker Jack Pudding) was given form by initiator and guitarist Hendrik Koop-Lampe, who gathered an exquisite circle of good friends and long-serving comrades.
This circle is given the status of some sort of allstar-band through the fact that they all are or were part of several namable bands and in parts made far more extreme music in their lifes before.
The completely diverse musical background of its members is not an obstacle for the creative work of the band, but is rather solely used to realise the vision of the most extensive musical autonomy and uniqueness.
Way beyond any limitations of genre, anankasms of self-localisation and self-imposed restrictions, Mêlon Kallisti are striving for the prior goal of being an independent artistic identity.
Besides of almost everything, what the history of rock-music has to offer, from Arcturus to ZZ Top, they primarily get their inspiration from moments of being almost meditatively lost in thought, forgetting about the self and the world.
Without sounding self-pitying and sniveling thereby, Mêlon Kallisti on the contrary combine a melancholic and pensive atmosphere and a violent psychedelic heavyness.