A collection of associated links.

  • Arch Linux: A simple Linux distribution, that I maintain packages and develop for.

  • Befaco: An excellent vendor of Eurorack modules from Barcelona, Spain.

  • CCC Video Operation Center: The video and streaming crew of CCC. Awesome people, awesome tech.

  • Chaos Computer Club (CCC): The association of hackers.

  • c-base: The space station below Berlin-Mitte.

  • Electronic Music Studio: A studio for experimental music at Technical University of Berlin, that I used to work for.

  • flanger: The website of my wife, who is doing great recordings and vintage gear maintenance.

  • HvC: Spatial audio research and performances by Henrik von Coler.

  • Linux Audio: The home of all things pro-audio on Linux.

  • NetworkSEC: Network security and hosting by Peter Ohm.

  • Waldeck-Freakquenz: A small, but very nice music festival in central Germany.