1)3\/1532 (deviser) is drone/noise/experimental soundscaping.
The aural journey leads to places like simple repetitve guitar tunes, loops, feedback manipulation, modified samples of field recordings, DIY analog synthesizers, toys and the like.
Experimentation for the greater good!


E-Mail: deviser @ thisdomain



  • 20170119 @ Spektrum, Berlin

    The Media Could Not Be Played (download as .ogg)

  • 20161111 @ c-base, Berlin

    Trip Around The Sund At A Space Station (Part 1) (download as .ogg)

    Trip Around The Sund At A Space Station (Part 2) (download as .ogg)

    Trip Around The Sund At A Space Station (Part 3) (download as .ogg)

    Trip Around The Sund At A Space Station (Part 4) (download as .ogg)

  • 20160610 @ Waldeck-Freakquenz, Dorweiler

    Something Borrowed (Part 1) (download as .ogg)

    Something Borrowed (Part 2) (download as .ogg)

    Something Borrowed (Part 3) (download as .ogg)

    Something Borrowed (Part 4) (download as .ogg)

  • 20141201 @ Madame Claude, Berlin

  • 20140823 @ Freifeld Festival, Oldenburg

    Imprisoned Birds Sing About... (download as .ogg)

  • 20140815 @ Camp Tipsy

    Cellar Door (download as .ogg)

  • 20140801 @ Schlagstrom Festival, Berlin

    The Clumsiest Tool In The Box (download as .ogg)

  • 20140614 @ MS Treue, Bremen

  • 20140503 @ Antje Øklesund, Berlin

    Point Of Some Return (download as .ogg)

  • 20130726 @ Camp Tipsy

    Dark Borderlands (download as .ogg)

  • 20130316 @ ZGK, Berlin

    Half-Tone Hour With A Blue Blue Whale (download as .ogg)

  • 20121201 @ NewYorck59, Berlin

    Stuck On Earth (download as .ogg)

    White Elster (download as .ogg)


  • 20170102 Better Early Than Never (download as .ogg)

  • 20161023 Trials (download as .ogg)

  • 20160914 Thrice Is A Conspiracy (download as .ogg)

  • 20160913 Twice Is Coincidence (download as .ogg)

  • 20160913 Once Is Enough (download as .ogg)

  • 20160508 The Road In Between (download as .ogg)

  • 20130302 Obvious Splosives (download as .ogg)

  • 20140302 Candyland To Tar Pit (download as .ogg)

  • 20130926 Planned Escape (download as .ogg)

  • 20130308 Half-Tone Hour (download as .ogg)

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