Linux Audio Conference 2015

It's been quite some time since my last post.
But I have not been lazy!

I will be attending this year's Linux Audio Conference) in Mainz. Not only as a guest (I seriously hope I will have the time to just snoop around), but mainly for setting up the 8 channel version of "The Sound Of People" and to give a workshop on "Arch Linux as a lightweight audio platform".
You can find my information for the event here.

The Sound Of People

My SuperCollider based moloch saw some visual updates The Sound Of People just recently and will be presented on Day 2 (Friday) at the Installation Space around 10:00 in the morning.
Get ready to spend your time in 25 chromosomes for about two hours.

* thesoundofpeople info [git]

Archlinux as a lightweight audio platform

For this workshop I did some reviewing of my own current system's status quo, redesigned some of it and wrung some scripts and ideas out of that.
A bunch of software I have been writing over the past months/years finally found their way into proper repositories and packages:

* crypted-backups info [git]
* uenv info [git]
* rts info [git]

Bring a laptop with Arch Linux installed and have some fun. The workshop takes place in Workshop | (P2) on Day 2 (Friday) at around 14:45.

See you in Mainz!