Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg

One of the most fun and awesome projects of the past two years (but most likely ever actually) has been the Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg (EOC). It's an endeavor, that started in 2017 at the Electronic Music Studio of Technical University of Berlin thanks to the efforts of Henrik von Coler, who is doing a great deal of work in the field of electronic music, spatialization and composition.

Some key factors turn the EOC into something special (IMHO):

  • it (usually) consists of electronic and electro-acoustic musicians (e.g. modular synthesizers, DIY hardware, tape, etc.) of different genres

  • its sound is spread out over multi-channel systems (e.g. 12 loudspeakers in a circular setup), using spatial rendering techniques such as ambisonics

  • it makes use of graphic notation

So far it has been immense fun (but also a lot of work) to be part of the EOC and I'm looking forward to (at least) two more concerts this year!

If you're interested, check out the live page or subscribe to the RSS feed. There are also many pictures and binaural recordings up already. Put your headphones on and enjoy!